Industry & research in Essen

With over 570,000 inhabitants, the corporate and trade fair city of Essen is one of the largest cities in Germany. As a highly dynamic business centre, Essen offers a high level of innovation. A high number of corporate headquarters are located here on-site, making Essen a significant nerve center. In fact, 6 of the 100 and 14 of the 500 largest companies in Germany have their headquarters in Essen. Combined with SMEs and the trades, this creates the good business climate that Essen is known for.

With 22 universities and 600 degree programmes, the university landscape of the region is one of the densest and most diverse in Europe today.

Essen is also the award-winning green capital of Europe and offers over 700 sustainable green spaces and other recreational areas.

Exclusive health services make Essen a renowned centre of medical expertise. People from all over Germany come to Essen to take advantage of the 17 hospitals offering prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Oncology, cardiology, neurology, transplantation medicine and naturopathic treatments, alongside other core competencies are the focal points defining Essen as a centre of medical expertise. With over 40,000 employees, the health care is the city’s largest employer.

Essen is the centre of the Ruhr metropolitan region, housing approximately 5.2 million people as well as numerous organisations and institutions of the Ruhr region. This make the Ruhr metropolitan region the third largest metropolitan area in Europe, following Paris and London.

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